Luxe Wedding Reception Ideas For The Frugal Couple

Albeit weddings these days still have a touch of tradition, some have incorporated novel ideas to pleasantly surprise guests. If you’re on a budget but still want a classy wedding reception that also breaks the norm of what wedding receptions have always been, it may require just tweaking the little details.

You want your wedding reception to be just as unforgettable as the time your fiancé surprised you with a one-of-a-kind proposal after he somehow found the time to drop by Brisbane jewellery stores like Ringleaders to get you that gorgeous ring you couldn’t say no to. This means you have to prepare yourself for lots of planning and customising. Here are ideas you can include in your wedding party.

1. The Tasteful Entrance

Impress your guests upon entry by placing together with your engagement photos some flowers, lanterns, candles in hurricane holders, among other elaborate décor, at the doorway of your venue.

2. The Silver Tray Guest Book

Using engraving pens, you can let your guests engrave lasting messages - along with their names, of course - on silver trays so that every time you use these trays you will remember your wedding day.

3. Towering Centrepieces

Have a variety of vibrant flowers perched on tall glass vases on the tables, and add some silver candelabras. These centrepieces provide drama and elegance. 

3. Ushers

Have ushers walk your guests to their tables. If the venue or the caterer’s staff aren’t available for this, something as simple as asking a few friends to act as reception ushers can give your guests an upscale restaurant experience.

If there aren’t any ushers, you can provide each guest place card that may come in the form of a folded card, a single flower with an attached card, balloon, leather luggage tag, or even a cocktail glass to be used for the guest’s welcome drink.

4. The Friends & Family Tree Seating Chart

Put your guests’ names in a seating chart that shows how each of them are connected. This will start dinner conversations as each guest gets to have an idea who he or she will be sitting next to.

5. Photo Booths

Who doesn’t like photo booths? You can bring props or decorate your booth depending on the theme you choose, such as placing opera masks or monocles or toy versions of those traditional handmade pieces of jewellery. The resulting printed photos can serve as thank-you notes to your guests. If your budget doesn’t allow much space for a rented booth, then you can just let your guests use their mobile phones.

These ideas are sure to impress your guests, who will look back to your wedding day as a happy and fun celebration. Don’t forget to come up with your own hashtag for your guests to use when they post on social media the happenings in your wedding. 

What Should You Wear For Your Beach Wedding

You and your soon-to-be-husband planned for a beach wedding. Unlike traditional weddings, it is more unique and romantic because the backdrop of the event consists of beautiful horizon, salty breeze, and sound of the ocean waves while you exchange your vows of forever with your loved one.

beach wedding venues in Melbourne


However, pulling off a flawless beach wedding event can be challenging because you need to find the perfect venue. Consider yourself lucky if you are in Australia, because there are plenty of dreamy beach wedding venues in Melbourne you can choose from. If you are wise enough, why not go with the one that offers lavish reception rooms, planning advice, and superb accommodation options, which are absolute perfect for the event?

After finding the perfect venue, you next concern should be what to wear for your wedding ceremony. You need to be careful when buying your attire because not all dresses and foot wear words well at the beach. That is why it is important to plan well ahead of time to make sure that your attire is suited for the event. Here are some helpful ideas you can use when choosing your attire:

wedding venues Melbourne

• Light fabric wedding gown

– It is crucial to understand that certain dresses and fabrics do not work well for a beach wedding. Choose an airy sheath dress or a gown with lighter fabric to allow easy movements.

• Tiara

– Veils do not often work at the beach because it can be easily blown by the wind. Tiara is a great alternative for a veil because it stays on your head in place. You can decorate your tiara with flowers or coloured gems.

• Flats or sandals

– Ditch those high heels and wear flats instead. Fancy flip-flops or sandals are the perfect options because they are both chic and comfortable.

• Accessories

– you do not have to wear a lot of accessories or jewellery on the event. Beach weddings are a simple event that need lesser accessories. A simple pearl necklace, bangles and earrings can go well with your light fabric gown.

There are a lot of other items you can buy to complement your wedding theme. If you are looking for awesome beach wedding themes, check it out here. Once you have chosen which theme to use, it would be easy for you to shop your attire that matches perfectly with the theme.

Do you have any ideas to share? Let us know in the comment section!

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Must-Haves

I know that there are few days in life that are as monumental as your wedding day. It’s a day that’s often been years in the planning. For many brides-to-be, it’s a fairy tale that’s been planned and dream about in meticulous detail ever since childhood. So, when the big day finally arrives there are countless ideas, thoughts, hopes and expectations that are poured into that oh-so-fleeting occasion. But what are the absolute must-haves to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch? What are the essential things you need to make it an event you’ll remember forever?

The Basics

Well, obviously the wedding dress takes number one priority. Any blushing bride naturally and rightly deserves to be the centre of attention. The groom, best man and the ushers all obviously need to be suited and booted, too. Then of course you need to pick out that all important wedding venue, the flowers and what day would be complete without a wedding cake? But do you go for fruit cake, chocolate, sponge, alcohol-laced? Decisions, decisions!

wedding guest

Getting You And Your Guests To The Venue

It goes without saying that if you’re going to make it to the venue at all you’re going to need a suitable mode of transport to get you there. Many brides like to arrive by horse-drawn carriage, but if you’re booking a car, then there’s no end of choice. Depending on your budget, you might decide a simple but comfortable car is absolutely fine. But if you’re planning on arriving in true style, rolling up in a timeless vintage car is sure to turn a few heads.

And of course, if you plan on having other people at your wedding, it’s also pretty prudent to send out wedding invites. Many people also send out save-the-date cards to make absolutely certain that everyone has the official date marked on the calendar well in advance.

Drinks and nibbles

I’ve been to a fair few weddings. And I know there are other certain elements of the big day that you can’t do without. The time-honoured tradition of drinks for your guests on arrival to the venue is one of them. Having a few canapés always goes down well, too. Again, the budget will dictate how much you can afford to lavish on such hospitalities but ultimately, a few nibbles and a glass of fizz early on in the day is a wonderful way to welcome everyone along to the venue. Giving each of your guests a wedding favour is also a great way of saying a little thank you and can really add a memorable touch to the day without huge expense.

wedding reception

Get the party started

Arranging music for your reception is also integral. You could hire a DJ, book a live band, arrange a 15-piece orchestra if that’s more your thing. Whether you’d like some stylish background music or a 1980s mega-mix to get your guests tearing it up on the dance floor, music at your reception is essential to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Memories Are Everything

And of course, where would a wedding day be without the photos? I know exactly how busy you’ll be on your wedding day. I know that the whole thing goes by in a flash and that when you try to remember the finer details, it’ll be hard to recall all of those special moments. Which is why a bespoke photo booth for hire is a fantastic addition to your day. Your guests can pop into the booth whenever they want to take a quick photo. The Airstream Photobooth can also hold up to 15 people at once! Sure, your guests might be slightly reluctant to get so up close and personal at first, but as the day progresses and the Champagne gets drunk, it’s pretty certain more and more of them will be desperate to get themselves in on one of those big group shots.

Through the years, photo booth companies like We Are Blue Steel have learnt a lot about what you need to make a great wedding. But it all comes back to getting those basics spot on. The dress, the suits, and the venue will be top of your list. But after all those things are taken cared of, you can start looking at the smaller but important additions that’ll make your special day one to remember forever.