Don’t Let Family Drama Affect Your Beautiful Wedding

As any good therapist will tell you, weddings are already one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, yet they are almost always more stressful for the bride, groom and their families and friends than anyone would guess. Nearly everyone has their favorite wedding disaster stories, (rain, wilted flowers, lost rings, etc.), but how does one handle the human element, the infighting among family and friends, the arguments?

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Money, money, money

At the root of these conflicts is often that age-old bugaboo, money. Yes, and we are talking serious money in many cases. A recent survey by and included 18,000 US couples married before 2011. They found one in five US couples spent more than $30,000 and 11% spent more than more than $40,000. High prices bring high stakes and heightened expectations and emotions for couples and families paying for the weddings.

Since tradition dictates that the couple’s families incur the costs two significant elements are always at play: the family (whether the bride’s or groom’s depending on your cultural inclinations) often feels completely entitled to offer their opinion and suggestions, and, more often than not, insist upon it. Parents often want to invite their friends – to the point of where the guest list can include more guests of the family, than the actual bride and groom.

Secondly, because the couple is so reliant and dependent on their family to either ...

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