Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Man

Looking for the best engagement ring is an exciting yet overwhelming process for a man. Somehow, you will also go through a similar feeling when you're looking for men's wedding rings. Your man will be wearing that ring for the rest of his life so you have to make sure that you will be making the right choice.

When you're looking for quality wedding rings, feel free to check out the stunning collection of custom made rings at AE Design Jewellery. They are a family owned and operated jewellery house which have years of experience in creating one of a kind pieces of rings and other jewellery. But, before you go shopping, here are some factors that you have to consider:

The Metal

Wedding rings come in a variety of metals. Platinum, white gold, titanium are some of the most popular choices. You can also opt for rose gold or yellow gold depending on the preferences of your partner. Do take note that there are some metals that may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. There are also metals that can be heavy when worn. Consider these when you're deciding what to choose.

His Lifestyle

You have to consider the activities that your man does. If he has a very hands on job, you may want to consider choosing a ring that's more durable. The same thing goes when your man is always playing sports. You don't want him to always remove his ring just because it makes him uncomfortable while working or doing any other activities.

The Budget

How much are you willing to shell out for your wedding rings? Remember that you and your partner will be paying for 2 rings. You don't want to run out of money for other aspects of your wedding so see to it that you've decided how much you're willing to pay.

The Design

If you like your man's wedding ring to match with your ring, consider the design. You can choose rings of the same metal or you can have it set with the same stone. You can also go for custom made rings so you can easily get a ring that suits with your and your man's preferences. You can go to as they offer custom made pieces.

Consider these 4 factors when choosing a wedding ring for your man. You’ll certainly find a ring that he would want to wear all the time.

It’s All About a Day that is Especially for You

Today, bells are ringing, the aisle is full of fresh flowers, and the air is full of love!

Your wedding is the most special moment of your life. During this beautiful day, you make a sacred promise to love and care for your special someone for the rest of your life. Witnessing that promise are your loved ones, friends, and colleagues who have been with you through all your life---and your courtship with each other.

Your Wedding Day Should Be Perfect

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A Jewelry Box of Practical Wedding Advice

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Choosing An Engagement Ring That Will Symbolize Your Love and Devotion

Diamond rings are known to symbolize love and devotion. In present times, presenting a loved one with a diamond ring means that you are giving your enduring love to your partner. If you are thinking of getting an engagement ring for your future wife, you should consider the following things before you purchase one. First, choose a metal that you want for your engagement ring. Gold and platinum are the most common metals used in diamond rings. Gold is commonly used in most jewellery and is easy to clean and polish, as well as to repair. Platinum is stronger and is more resistant to damage and scratches. However, it is also rarer than gold. Both are good as they do not tarnish. When choosing the metal, observe the kind of jewellery that your sweetheart constantly wears. You may consult jewellery experts and jewellers such as if you need more help in choosing a metal for your ring.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is your budget. Remember that you should only purchase a ring that is within your means to avoid falling short of your budget. A good equation to follow in buying diamond rings would be to buy one that amounts to two or three months' worth of your salary. However, if you feel that this is still too much, then you should lower down your budget. Do not think that the value of the ring translates to how much you love your future fiancé.

The next thing to consider would be the size of the diamond that you want for the ring. Diamonds have been used as an engagement symbol since the fifteenth century. Consult experts about a diamond's quality and how much it cost. A high-grade diamond is clear and well-cut. One thing that you should keep in mind is that most women prefer rings with about one carat of the diamond. Guides on how to choose quality diamond rings can be found online in case you need more tips.

Lastly, you should consider the size of the ring you will give her. Try to get a hold of her rings and determine the size of her finger. You can ask a jeweller to check her size to ensure that you will purchase the right one.

Diamond rings are a symbol of one's love and affection, and it is a delight to give a ring that will be appreciated by your partner tremendously. With this guide, you can surely purchase the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

Tips on Choosing an Engagement Ring Design

If you are thinking about buying a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, there are three important components you need to consider: the diamond, the design, and the metal.


Before setting foot in a diamond jewellery shop, it is important to learn about the four Cs of a diamond – cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Make sure that the diamond you will be buying is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to ensure that it has been properly and carefully checked and graded by an expert gemmologist.


Metal is an important factor to put into consideration is the quality of metal to be used for your engagement ring. Typically, gold and platinum are the two of the most common metals used in the creation of the ring. Gold is available in yellow, white, and rose and can be either 18k, 14k, or 9k. If your woman has sensitive skin, the perfect metal choice for her is platinum since it has hypoallergenic properties.


Although there can be a lot of engagement ring design options you can choose in the market, there are times when you just can’t find something that perfectly suits your partner’s taste in style. That is why some choose to go with customised diamond engagement rings. Here are some addition tips on how the ring should be:

  • It should be practical and easy to wear
  • It should be durable to withstand everyday wear
  • The setting should securely hold the gemstone in place.
  • It should look great on her
If you do not know where to find the right diamond engagement ring design for her, a perfect place to start is by check out It will provide you with the latest and trendiest engagement rings that will surely melt the heart of your beloved.

Do you have something more to add? Write them down in the comment section.

Scams to Avoid When Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for the perfect diamond engagement ring for that one special woman you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a challenging experience. Surely, there are probably thousands of diamond engagement rings displayed in jewellery stores all over Sydney. However, there are fraudulent jewellers out there who are ready to pounce and take away your hard-earned cash in exchange of low quality or even fake diamond rings.

So before you start shopping, remember that the most crucial thing that will help you a great deal is equipping yourself with knowledge. That is why you need to master the 4Cs of a diamond. To help you avoid any potential scam, here are some common tricks and scams to watch out for when you shop for diamond engagement rings in Sydney.

[caption id="attachment_668" align="aligncenter" width="640"]cheapest diamond engagement rings Image by njdiamonds via flickr[/caption]

• The jeweller insist selling diamonds with a grading that is higher than what is on the GIA certificate

This is a bait to entice customers into believing that the jeweller is selling rare and high quality diamond engagement rings. However, the moment when you ask to see the item for the quoted value, the jeweller will come up with alibis that it has already been sold.

• The diamond looks smaller in size although the jeweller insists that it has a bigger carat.

It is crucial for a buyer to know the difference between the carat weight and the total carat weight. If you are looking to buy a 2-carat diamond ring, always remember that it looks way more valuable and bigger than a 1 carat diamond ring.

• The diamond does not match the description and there is no return policy

Before you invest in a diamond engagement ring, make sure you have checked and reviewed the shop’s return policy in case you are not happy with the purchase. Some online jewellery store purposely do not offer return policies, because they will send you an item that is much different from what you have purchased online.

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring should not be complicated and stressful. The best way to avoid any potential scam is to work with a jeweller you highly trust. Do you have some more thoughts and ideas to share? Share with us in the comment section!

Diamond Cut that Matches Your Style

You can hardly believe that the man of your dreams has finally proposed a marriage to you. You are still drunk with the thought that you will be spending every waking moment with him and that you will start to build a family with him. However, there are certain important things you have to prioritise like planning your marriage, looking for the perfect wedding location where you and your soon to be husband will say your vows in front of your families and friends, and find the perfect diamond wedding rings. Surely there are a lot of jewellers who sell diamond wedding rings, but make sure to find a jeweller whom you can trust such the Infinity Diamonds.

buy diamond engagement ring for sale


Although diamonds are the best iconic symbol for eternal love, did you know that certain diamond cuts say a lot about the woman wearing it?

• Round

– the round diamond is perfect for brides who consider themselves to be classic and traditional who eludes classy elegance. This woman has a sentimental quality about herself.

• Princess

– the square shaped diamond with an array of complex facets is best suited for a modern bride who is trendy and lively. This woman is often physically beautiful, determined, and has a creative mind.

• Emerald

– this rectangular shaped diamond with long and lean facets is perfect for women who considered themselves confident, glamorous yet strong and bold.

• Cushion

– this square cut diamond with round corners is best for a fashionable and romantic woman who adores antique and vintage look.

• Oval

– the oval cut diamond is excellent for a sophisticated, elegant and demure bride. She often original and does not follow any fashion trends.

• Marquise

– this football shaped diamond is perfect for a modern, out-going and classy woman. Such woman is considered unique. She creates her own standards and does not live within the rules.

• Pear

– the pear shaped diamond is the excellent choice for brides who considered themselves romantic, independent and adventurous.

• Radiant

– this sparkling square shaped diamond with trimmed corners is perfect for a fun and flirty woman who exudes high level of self-confidence.

• Heart

– the heart shaped diamond is often preferred by woman who considered themselves sentimental and hopeless romantic.

• Asscher

– this striking square shaped diamond is an excellent choice for a unique and elegant woman who has a strong taste for vintage styles.

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Custom Wedding Rings and Diamond Cuts

To a man, a diamond cut can be a tricky thing. We would really like to impress our fiancée with the most sparkly diamond bauble our money can buy –but where on earth do we begin? A cushion is something on a sofa, and a princess is the lady we’re marrying.

Or, so we thought. No, sir. They are also diamond cuts! I wrote this little guide to help my fellow men navigate the complicated diamond market –so whether you’re picking up an engagement ring or sparkling diamond earrings, this guide will make it a little bit easier on you.

Never Ending Cuts and Designs

A jeweller that is qualified to design and manipulate the world’s trendiest gem stone cuts and styles is always busy because there are simply so many custom options available when searching for diamond rings Melbourne.

diamond cut

There are a whole range of custom cuts and diamond shapes on the market, and some of our customer’s favourites include the marquise diamond cut, the radiant diamond cut, the princess diamond cut, the round diamond cut, pear, cushion, emerald, asscher, and of course, the heart diamond cut.

Generally speaking, the majority of women out there are seeking the most authentic and brightly shining diamond jewellery baubles. And since the sparkle potential is greatly dictated by the cut you select for your diamond, we whole heartedly suggest diamond cuts for wedding or engagement rings that are triangular or kite shaped.

A step cut precious gemstone does not shine as brightly as a brilliant cut, but time in place, right? All good things come to those who wait.

Variety and Elegance

If something that shines as vividly and bright as a maximum brilliance diamond is a bar you would like to work towards, start off your marital jewelry journey with a step-cut diamond stone, or perhaps even a mixed cut diamond stone.

Step cut diamonds are best known for their sloped appearance, bearing 4 facets cut below the setting’s table. These 4 facets run parallel to the girdle which will hold the diamond in its place.

Traditionally, step cuts have fewer facets than other precious gemstone cuts, such as the brilliant cut diamond.

Step cut diamonds come in a variety of looks ranging from the emerald diamond cut all the way over to the asscher diamond cut which is a popular choice for contemporary engagement rings.

On the other side of the spectrum, attributes from multiple diamond cuts can be combined into a mixed diamond cut. It is quite popular for engagement ring seekers to select precious gemstones that possess some key design attributes from brilliant cut and step cut diamonds.

A handful of examples of mixed cut gemstones might include the old mine diamond, cushion diamond, and the rose diamond cuts.

Diamond cuts are able to transform any diamond into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. If you do a little research in advance and talk with your partner, you’re guaranteed to choose the ring that will bring the most impact to your special moment.